My Column Goes National! has selected my column to go national. I will be the new National Religion & Politics Examiner for the website. It’s a huge honor for me to cover the national scene with regards to religion and politics. It will also mean an increase in readership for my column since it will be on a national level and not just on the local portal. I will have more details when my first national column is posted (probably next week). I will still be covering some local issues for the Inland Empire but I’m excited for this new national column to get me greater exposure. Thanks to all of you who have faithfully been reading the column. I really appreciate the support.

Click here for a link to my current column


2 thoughts on “My Column Goes National!

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  1. It’s been a pleasure to read all of your articles your articles ! CONGRATULATIONS ON GOING NATIONAL WITH EXAMINER !!
    You earned it well !!

  2. Hi Brian, CONGRATULATIONS on going National…….I’ll try to keep following you. A.Anna

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