First National Article Posted: “America’s New Reality; Rich Get Richer & Middle-Class Become the Poor!

My first national article for Examiner finally posted. It’s been a trying week and feels like a whole new ball game. The national competition for readers is fierce. My article is buried on the national website but that was to be expected. And, truthfully, it’s not my favorite piece  but there are more hoops to jump through to get the first piece approved. Getting this one up actually took so much longer than I expected that I feel like I missed some good opportunity for other stories this week. We’ll see what next week brings. Click the link below to read it. BTW – it looks like they stretched my photo to fit the space. LOL…I really didn’t need my face to be stretched. You can see the different between my Inland Empire profile picture and the national one. There’s both the same photo.

Click Here for National Examiner Article


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