Quote: “Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.” Frank Lloyd Wright

I love this quote. Wright was a creator in his own right but respected nature enough to design his creations in a way that they paid respect and blended with their natural surroundings and  were designed to bring nature in. Wright (like all of us) was a deeply flawed man. While religion was not always the center stone of his life, he was still a believer. This quote is a reminder for us that if we want to see proof in God’s providence we need to only go outside and look at the wonders of nature.

I think all of us can picture that perfect natural place on earth that takes our breath away. I’ve always been a beach lover but for me the most beautiful cathedral on this planet is the Yosemite Valley. No perfect a church then the one God created himself. You don’t go there and marvel at the countless wonders of God’s perfect place of worship and say, “Wow, can you believe all this happened by chance. What a wonderful world.”

I find it hard for anyone to look at the many monuments of the Yosemite Valley and not be inspired by a creator greater than ourselves. Being there is a soulful experience. You feel it deep inside your chest. You see it all before you and yet you still don’t fully believe what you see is real. How could it be? It’s impossible. It’s improvable. You want proof that God exists? Go to Yosemite and talk to me exclusively about erosion and the way the landscape was formed by its own makings without a guiding hand. I dare you!


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