Inspiration from “Free to Be…You & Me”

For the past two-weeks, my Examiner articles have focused on one issue – Muslim-Americans. I’ve pretty much exhausted the topic from every angle. I did it because the subject manner has been extremely hot and some of the articles became my most read in months.

Today, I posted (after Examiner encouraged us to post more articles) a recap of what I am now calling a series of articles on the subject. The title is “Muslims & Christians, Christians & Muslims, Ain’t We, Everyone” and was inspired by the song “Brothers and Sisters” from the “Free To Be…You and Me” children’s album and special from  the 1970s (when I was a kid).  I found the album’s message of unity, peace and acceptance a perfect tie in to the series in which I was encouraging Christian acceptance of Muslim’s being allowed to build places of worship in this free country.

While today’s article is lacking in true content (lazy I know), it is a nice hub for the articles in the series and includes some fun nostalgic memories from my own childhood. Certainly some will think the series is nothing more than a Kumbaya,  “Can’t we all just get a long,” naive approach but I find  the best ideas are often the simplest. They are also usually the ones no one every tries.

Examiner Article \”Muslims & Christians, Christians & Muslims, Ain\’t We, Everyone\”


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