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Obsession of the Week: “God in American” on PBS

Without a doubt, this six-part series is the authority when it comes to religion and America. No matter your religious preference, it’s something you should watch to get a better understanding of how religion and the freedom of religion in this country has developed and continues to unfold.

It touches upon America from the first European settlers, Thomas Jefferson and the separation of church & state all the way to present day issues with regards to Atheists and Muslims. I found the material on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War most interesting. Actually, all six parts are chock-full of great information and insight. If you are interested at all in American history and religion, you have to see this series.

The series is available online at pbs.org (click here for the link) and has been rebroadcast over the past couple of months so look for it. Take a look at this extended preview.



Ahmadinejad’s UN Speech Reminds Why the Separation of Church & State is Vital

My latest article is about why the separation of church and state is so important, especially when you compare it to how the Iranian government’s is run by Islamic clerics.

Here’s the link to the article: Click here for the Article

Let me know what you think with either a comment during the article or here on this blog.

Inspiration from “Free to Be…You & Me”

For the past two-weeks, my Examiner articles have focused on one issue – Muslim-Americans. I’ve pretty much exhausted the topic from every angle. I did it because the subject manner has been extremely hot and some of the articles became my most read in months.

Today, I posted (after Examiner encouraged us to post more articles) a recap of what I am now calling a series of articles on the subject. The title is “Muslims & Christians, Christians & Muslims, Ain’t We, Everyone” and was inspired by the song “Brothers and Sisters” from the “Free To Be…You and Me” children’s album and special from  the 1970s (when I was a kid).  I found the album’s message of unity, peace and acceptance a perfect tie in to the series in which I was encouraging Christian acceptance of Muslim’s being allowed to build places of worship in this free country.

While today’s article is lacking in true content (lazy I know), it is a nice hub for the articles in the series and includes some fun nostalgic memories from my own childhood. Certainly some will think the series is nothing more than a Kumbaya,  “Can’t we all just get a long,” naive approach but I find  the best ideas are often the simplest. They are also usually the ones no one every tries.

Examiner Article \”Muslims & Christians, Christians & Muslims, Ain\’t We, Everyone\”

Religion & Politics: “Pastor to Proceed with Quran Burning: Proving Every Religion has Extremists”

Pastor Terry Jones plans to move forward with his Quran burning this Saturday. His decision to move forward proves extremists on both sides are a problem.

The pastor organizing this Saturday’s Quran burning certainly has gotten the world’s attention. With a congregation of less than 50 people, I am sure he’s enjoying every minute of it (even if it’s only going to be 15 minutes).

My article questions the pastor’s motives and whether they are aligned with the Bible his church claims to represent.

Here’s my latest Examiner.com article as the Inland Empire Religion & Politics columnist. Click over and let me know what you think.

LINK: Examiner.com Article About Quran Burning & Extremists