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The War on Christmas: Lessons from Dr. Seuss

“This is the lesson we should be teaching our kids; Grinches and Scrooges live in our lives. They can tear down our Christmas trees and replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” but they can’t take away the warmth the season brings to those who celebrate it.”

Easily the best article in the series “The War on Christmas” I wrote. We worry too much about what other people do, think and believe when we should be focusing on the joy of the holidays.

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The War on Christmas: Much Ado About Nothing?

Is the “War on Christmas” a “vast Right-Wing conspiracy” or a “Liberal attempt to secularize America”? Actually, it seems ripe to be much ado about nothing. We love to make mountains out of ant hills these days (see “War on Christmas: People Love War”).

The “War on Christmas” is the perceived battle between Christians and non-believers on the significance the Christmas holiday gets this time of year. Sited evidence that Christmas is being attacked includes the replacement of “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays,” some government agencies calling them “holiday trees” instead of “Christmas trees” and this year, Atheists billboards calling for a “season for reason.” Christmas observers state that political correctness has simply gone too far.

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War on Christmas: Why People Love War!

Examiner.com asked that all religion writers focus on the “War on Christmas” during this month. I’m committed to three articles. One article appears today titled “Let’s Face It People Love War”. It’s about how as humans we seem to crave this need for conflict. I think that’s what’s at the heart of this ‘War on Christmas” between those who celebrate Christmas and those don’t. Two more articles will appear next week to complete my assignment. One is titled “The War on Christmas: Much Ado About Nothing” and the other is “The War on Christmas: Lessons from Dr. Seuss”.

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Christians Celebrate Christmas in December Based on Tradition Not Solo Scriptura

Christi Geburt by Lorenzo Lotto (1523)

Yesterday, this article was published on Examiner.com and some other sites that support my column. Whenever you discuss solo scriptura there is bound to be controversy. The basic principle of solo scriptura (or by scripture alone) has been the Protestant charge against the Catholic faith. Yet, Protestants including Martin Luther continued to celebrate Christmas on December 25th – a date picked by the early Roman Catholic Church which “married” it to the pagan “Feast of the Unconquered Sun” in ancient Rome. I describe it as married because its united two things together that are separate but equal. This concept of “marriage” is played out in the article.  Click here to read the article about Christmas & Solo Scriptura

No Matter Your Religion Be Thankful!

Whether Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Athiests, you have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as an American.

On friendlyatheist.com, the author references a quote by a fellow atheist about what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving. The respondent is quoted as saying, “I give thanks to the turkey that gave its life, the plants on our table, to the Earth itself for being abundant,” in his quote in the Salt Lake Tribune. Whether you believe a creator created those things may not matter during this very American holiday. While the Puritan pilgrims, who celebrated the first feast that we honor with this day of thanks, did it for religious reasons, there really is not too much religion left in a day focused on stuffing oneself full, watching football and shopping.

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Part 3 of “Youth & Religion” posts today

I used to love on television mini-series when they would say “And now the stunning conclusion of…” to promote the last of a series.

I’d like to think this last portion of the interview and series is the best. Of course, it’s where you’ll find the bulk of my commentary.

From here, you’re likely to see my article sweep through atheism for a while. Like I’ve said before I tend to run article in series (with articles on gay rights, Muslim rights, immigrant rights). Right now, I’m focused on atheism, agnosticism and skepticism. I wrote an article (scroll down) focused on skepticism earlier this month. This series on “Youth & Religion” featured an atheist and I’m looking for opportunities with Thanksgiving next week to feature a story on who are atheists thankful to – themselves? I will also be part of Examiner.com’s forthcoming series “War on Christmas”. Until then…click the link below to read the finale to the “Youth & Religion” series and interview. Thanks for reading.

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