Part 3 of “Youth & Religion” posts today

I used to love on television mini-series when they would say “And now the stunning conclusion of…” to promote the last of a series.

I’d like to think this last portion of the interview and series is the best. Of course, it’s where you’ll find the bulk of my commentary.

From here, you’re likely to see my article sweep through atheism for a while. Like I’ve said before I tend to run article in series (with articles on gay rights, Muslim rights, immigrant rights). Right now, I’m focused on atheism, agnosticism and skepticism. I wrote an article (scroll down) focused on skepticism earlier this month. This series on “Youth & Religion” featured an atheist and I’m looking for opportunities with Thanksgiving next week to feature a story on who are atheists thankful to – themselves? I will also be part of’s forthcoming series “War on Christmas”. Until then…click the link below to read the finale to the “Youth & Religion” series and interview. Thanks for reading.

Click here to read \”Youth & Religion, Part 2: For Better or Worse?\”


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