What are You “In Search Of”

In search of...I’ve always been fascinated by life’s unidentified phenomenon…ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens, angels, you name it. As a kid, I loved the Leonard Nimoy TV series “In Search Of” that explored the world of the unknown weekly. The series with its strange topics and eerie music conjured up fears about the mysteries of this life.

They say there are just two motivations in this world – love and fear. When pressed for one, fear wins out. It was fear of growing up and becoming a phony that had Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye unnerved about life. He wanted nothing but to keep himself and all children held back from growing up in much of the book. He feared the unknowns of hollow adult life.

Too many people suffer from feeling insignificant in today’s media-hyped world. They fear their lives matter little to anyone. So they search. They are in search of that unknown in their life that will fill that hollow center. Often it gets filled with hollow happiness in insignificant pleasures and vices. After all, it’s easy to get caught up in those hollow things and feelings because they burn quickly, and gratification and satisfaction are instant.

The problem becomes that these vices become our center and the hollowness needs more and more to fill the void. So we continue in search of that hope and connection to something greater. What can easily be dismissed as an unknown phenomenon that can satisfy both the void and vice isn’t really all that mysterious. We have a connection greater than this world that can end the fears of hollowness and dissatisfaction.

In my book, Life in Harmony, Kate and Michael are aimlessly looking for answers to their problems. They are out of hope and feeling out of options. Neither of them had placed any value on the Creator in their lives and the result is unhappiness. It isn’t until a kindly old lady in a town of 18 and the ghost of 4-year-old girl connect them to their past, present and future (After all, God is timeless) and show them that life is more than just what they see. There is a bigger purpose to our lives if we focus on the right things.

If you are in search of unknown answers, I invite you to pick up Life in Harmony and hopefully you will find something you can use to find what you are looking for in your life. Click this link to buy the book!


LIH Cover 2015

Living in the smallest of towns with an array of hippies, farmers and artists, who are as different as they are close, can be taxing enough without the realization that some of Harmony’s residents may not be what they appear. When Michael and Kate uproot their lives in LA after a miscarriage and move to Harmony, CA (Population 18), they had no idea they’d be sharing their home with a spiritual apparition of a four-year-old girl named Ruby. “Life in Harmony” entertains the thought that the trials we face happen for a reason, and sometimes it takes supernatural intervention for us to understand ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

Life in Harmony is available now from Pangloss Sea. Click one of the links below to purchase the book today!

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Amazon Digital Edition


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