Priorities & Purpose

While we all start off with the best of intentions with goals for ourselves, sometimes uncontrollable circumstances change what we had in mind. Being a writer doesn’t pay the bills for over 95% of us who generally pay our bills doing some other sort of work (“the day job”).

So while I would have loved to continue to spend the second half of 2013 prepping for the release of “Life in Harmony” in the fall, course corrections in life led me down a different yet purposeful path. With only so many hours in a day and days in a year, priorities must be made and goals must be organized based on those priorities. Changing the day job this year became priority one. So while the goal of releasing “Life in Harmony” this year had been the highest priority when the year started, priorities changed as the year went on.

I have long believed that all things happen for a reason. Most times we are so close to the events taking place that we can’t possibly understand the purpose but somewhere down the road in our life we see what the stall, detour or tragic event helped us do. I believe this is the case for 2013. So while “Life in Harmony” was supposed to come out this year and is really close to being ready, 2014 will be the year for its debut. For everything (including delays) there is purpose. God’s timing is always perfect and this is just a part of that plan.


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