Life in HarmonyPreview time! I’m excited to present the book design for my novel, Life in Harmony.

The cover design is a digital painting of the actual town of Harmony, California  where the story takes place. The imagery is taken straight from the town’s description in the book:

Kate watched as the insignificant town came into view. Its row of buildings, white clusters against the green of the surrounding grass, reminded her of tiny bird eggs huddled together in a nest against the elements.

This idea of a nest of pure white eggs nestled in the safety of a green nest is meant to convey that Harmony is a safe haven for those willing to slow down and notice its existence. 

As I continue on my journey of publishing Life in Harmony, I will update you on the progress and share details of the story here. Hope you enjoyed this first peek!

Comments on: "“Life in Harmony” Preview" (5)

  1. Sylvia Elias said:

    I wish you well. I feel you will not have trouble getting this going and published.

    You have great skill and creativeness and I like the descriptive sentences ! Also this little introduction leads me to want to read on and know the characters and the story !!

  2. marlene bergman said:

    oh my is my appetite wet and so ready for this book. it sounds just like the kind of book I am looking for right now. thanks for sharing this exciting news and I can hardly wait to get the next sneak peek.

  3. HiHi Brian, Your book sounds exciting. Please continue sending me peeks. A.Anna

  4. Brian, I am so looking forward to reading this. All my best to you. Good things come to those who wait. I feel that your time of waiting is over. Bravo!!!!

  5. […] my novel, Living in Harmony, the topic of heaven and what its like is addressed in-depth. My personal view of what heaven will […]

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