My Writing Journey: No More News on Examiner

I’ve made a big decision this past week . I will no longer be covering the news of “Religion and Politics” for I will however continue to post strategic essays as they relate to religion and politics for Examiner but on a far less frequent basis. 

My concentration this year has been on completing my MFA and finishing my novel, Living in Harmony, so that it can (hopefully) be sold for publication. Getting the novel and my thesis 100% complete by July is a huge task. Knowing that beyond July my goals will be to work on getting LIH published and in working on another fiction novel project means that my interests in covering religion and political news has waned. 

My first article with Examiner appeared just over a year ago in March 2010. Since that time, I have posted over 100 articles with Examiner. The popularity of my local articles led to my national column which led to some of my articles being posted on Associated Content and appearing on various other online news sites. 

This year, my articles have come out much slower due to my time restrictions and increasing interests in other works (fiction).  So moving forward, I will only be posting essay-style commentaries with as “evergreen content” (content that is not news focused but content driven) and only plan on maybe 10-12 articles a year with them at this current time. These essays will primarily be focused on religion and not so much on politics. 

The good thing about is that the over 100 articles I have written will remain in their archives and available for the foreseeable future. So you will continue to have access to my past year’s work with as well as any new content I post there. Click here for my archives.

I have enjoyed writing  newsworthy articles and have enjoyed the exposure it gave me (including my radio appearance). I especially enjoyed pushing buttons and debating issues with those who opposed my view-point in the comment sections of several articles. That was probably the best part of it.

Thanks to all of you who have read loyally and hopefully you will continue to enjoy the essays as they come out on Look for more information on Living in Harmony later this summer and fall. 


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  1. Congratulations Brian, looking forward to your future writings…A.Anna

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