Is Religion a Scam?

This week’s National article responds to this billboard posted by American Atheists in Alabama that all religions are scams. It’s an interesting read no matter what side you are on. My biggest concern here is the insulting way people trying to convert insult their audience. Do atheists think they can win over doubting believers by telling them they are being scammed? Christians do the same thing when they condemn certain sinners to hell publicly. It’s interesting that neither side really seems to get that compassion not insult and condemnation win people over.  Click the link below to read the article – I think it’s thought provoking. I especially like the definitions of religion I include in the end and how that equates.

Click here to read \”Is Religion a Scam?\” at


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  1. It’s been an interesting day with this article and the comments posted to it. I enjoy a healthy debate but I’m curious why so many atheists seem so angry all the time. Why is it that people (not just atheists) can’t seem to debate without becoming insulting?

  2. This article was one of the most commented on article for yesterday. Let’s just say there are a lot of angry atheists out there. You’d think believing there is no God would be freeing to them but I guess that isn’t the case. Too many of them feel like their an oppressed people forced to celebrate and accept things they don’t wish to. No really, atheists are the slaves and holocaust Jews of the modern world.

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