Quote “Each one prays to God according to his own light.”

This quote is by a member of my “Spiritual Dream Team”, Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi was a Hindu but willingly respected both the faiths of Muslims and Christians even though those in his own country couldn’t find agreement (India ended up being split into two separate countries, India and Pakistan,  because of the great division between Hindus and Muslims).

Our country, itself,  remains greatly divided and fearful of those faiths that differ from our own. I constantly question our lack of ability to respect the rights of others as they embrace their own journey to God. I think this quote by Gandhi says it best. It remind us that no two of us are on the same journey toward our God. Certainly, there are people who believe similarly to what we do but none have come to our beliefs the same way. To not allow an individual to believe his own beliefs is to deny him God.  Consider that next time the rush of fear strikes you when reading about people whose faith or denomination is different then your own.


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