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One of My Favorite Political Subjects: Part 3 in the “Reach Out of Your Darkness” series

Immigration remains a hot topic today. It is one of my favorite subjects to tackle and my Examiner.com series this week really encompasses all my favorites.  This one tends to draw the most criticism (nationally and even within my family). The issue of those that immigrated here legally versus those who come illegally seems to be the tipping point for most critics of my position on immigration. I think this article addresses the points of that very well here.

The point of the article isn’t to argue what the reform should be or who should be here or not. It is more about showing tolerance for those who come here seeking a better life and suffer discrimination similar to the discrimination your ancestors likely endured as well. 

 Click here to read \”Immigration Tolerance: Reach Out of Your Darkness (Part 3)\” 

In the article, I also attached this video from School House Rock of the 1970s. I think it best simplifies the immigration culture of America’s history (although it leaves out slavery entirely). It was also my first introduction to the importance immigrants played in our nation’s growth that included my ancestors as well. 


Is Skepticism responsible for a lack of current Medal of Honor recipients?

Sgt. Rafael Peralta is buried at Fort Rosecrans Cementery in San Diego, CA

Sgt. Rafael Peralta’s heroic story reads like a parable for how growing religious skepticism is affecting society. After reading the attached article, you will look at advances in scientific technology and forensic evidence in a whole new way. To think that science could discount eyewitness testimony is beyond belief.  There’s a growing population of Americans who are growing more skeptical of God. Peralta’s story epitomizes the growing conflict between what we see as reason and belief.

Click here to read the article about Rafael Peralta