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Protests Against Muslim-Americans Reminiscence of Japanese-Americans During World War II

Today’s Examiner article is about the similarities of recent local protests in Temecula, CA against a proposed mosque being built and the racism demonstrated against Japanese-Americans during WWII. In the article, a local pastor is quoted as saying “There is a concern with all the rumors you hear about sleeper cells and all that. Are we supposed to be complacent just because these people say it’s a religion of peace? Many others have said the same thing.”

Who are the many others he is referring to? His additional comments in the article hint at underlying fear about a people he knows little about.  It’s scary when we consider how as a country we’ve already been down this road. In the article,  I write:

“When we allow fear to blind our decisions, objections, and actions, we forget what we have learned from our own history whether it’s our personal history or the history of the nation. In order for us to expect others to respect our individual rights, we have to be willing to accept the rights of others as well. It should be clear in the mind of the majority that they would want their rights to be upheld even as the minority. If history has taught us anything, the world is an ever-changing place and those in perceived positions of power today could be placed in a minority position in the future.”

It’s meant to give us all something to think about.  Here’s the link to the two-part article that came out today at Examiner.com

Examiner article comparing Muslim-American discrimination and Japanese-Americans during WWII

Examiner Article: Is Obama’s Faith the Cause for Mosque Protests?

Today’s Examiner.com article asks the question about whether Obama’s faith (or questions about his faith) are at the center of the protests nationwide over the building of mosques. I take a look at the speech JFK gave 50 years ago this week about his faith and compare it to where we are at 50 years latter.

Here’s the link to the article – click over and take a look: Examiner article on the Importance of Presidential Faith

The History of Presidential Faith

My Examiner article today talks about the importance of a president’s faith and religious preference. It was 50 years ago this past Sunday that JFK spoke about his Catholic faith and his belief in the principle of separating church and state issues.

In doing research for the article, I pulled video clips from JFK (Catholic), Mitt Romney (Mormon) and several by Barrack Obama (Christian who some believe is Muslim) about faith. For the article I was only able to include JFK’s speech but felt these two speeches deserved recognition as well.

One is the speech that Barrack Obama gave this past Easter at the White House prayer service (which some email forwards claim no longer happens). In it, he professes that Jesus is his personal savior and even quotes from one of the gospel’s directly.

The second is the speech 2008 presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave in defense of his Mormon faith during the primaries of the presidential election. It was one of the best speeches about his faith, religion in America and about the true principles of the separation of church and state. Romney will likely be a key player in the 2012 presidential election so this subject is bound to come up again. His speech here shows why he will likely be a front-runner again.

The Mosque at Ground Zero, the U.S. Govt. & Islam; Where’s the Separation of Church & State?

It’s finally out….the long-awaited article on the Mosque at Ground Zero. This article marks the 50th for my column on Examiner.com. After working on the subject matter for two weeks, I finally decided to emphasis the angle of our government’s involvement in “church building” and how that goes against the separation of church and state principle. Check out the article link below and please leave comments on my Examiner.com page! The debates are often fun and you can post anonymously! I really love the hate mail the most!