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The Mosque at Ground Zero, the U.S. Govt. & Islam; Where’s the Separation of Church & State?

It’s finally out….the long-awaited article on the Mosque at Ground Zero. This article marks the 50th for my column on Examiner.com. After working on the subject matter for two weeks, I finally decided to emphasis the angle of our government’s involvement in “church building” and how that goes against the separation of church and state principle. Check out the article link below and please leave comments on my Examiner.com page! The debates are often fun and you can post anonymously! I really love the hate mail the most!



Mother Teresa’s Lessons for Our Modern World on Religious Sensitivity

Originally Posted 8/27/10

This week there has been a lot of chatter about the insensitivity of religions toward each other (i.e..the mosque at Ground Zero & scheduled Quran burnings in Florida). Often times we let fear incite emotions in us that aren’t right. I was reminded yesterday of Mother Teresa’s work and wrote this article. Hope you enjoy it.


No Matter Our Differences – God Loves Us All!

Originally Posted 8/19/10

Want to know more about my take on religion and politics? This link will take you to a series of articles about tolerance and the underlying message of my mission. I love the quote “In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Liberty; in all things, Charity.” If all who practice (and even those who don’t) religion showed the compassion of this quote the world would be a more peaceful place. No matter our differences, God loves us all.