is hosting a Book Giveaway for Life in Harmony. Go to the Goodreads link (Click Here) by 2/16/16 to enter to win a copy of the book sent to you for free!

Goodreads is an online community for book lovers and authors to discuss, share and review books. It is a great place for any book lover. Life in Harmony is already generating some great reviews. Here are a few reviews being listed on the Giveaway Page for the book.

“Life in Harmony is one of those books that draws you in, chapter after chapter. The characters are well drawn, the plot well crafted, and the novel well written.”

“A great feel-good book. Picked it up and couldn’t put it down!”

“I’ve told my sister about the book. Her husband died last year and it has been a tough year for her. I hope it brings her some joy. I really can’t wait to see what she thinks of it. Can’t wait to talk to someone about it.”

“Truthfully, wasn’t sure what to expect from it but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a quick read. Before I knew it, I was halfway in and couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters from the town (Harmony) that season the book. It was a delightful story and filled with things I would have never imagined the book would have it in. Before I knew it, the book was over and I was really left wanting more.”

I invite you to go over the Goodreads Giveaway page and enter to win. I would also ask that you invite your friends to enter. For more info, visit…

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