Obsession of the Week: “Lemonade: The Movie”


“It’s not a pink skip, it’s a blank page.”

I watched this documentary a few months ago but ran across some quotes I had scribbled down from it just this morning that reminded me just how good it is. At a time when companies continue to do more with less and lay offs continue to plague our economy, this film offers an optimistic approach to getting that pink slip.

The film is about 16 creative professionals who used their layoff as an opportunity to launch into doing something they love. In today’s economy, there are hundreds of thousands unemployed who will for various reason (mostly related to age) not return into the traditional work force. Many will be forced to change careers and forge a new way of life and making a living.

“Lemonade” looks into the lives of these 16 professionals and how they found their way back to employment through untraditional means. I loved the optimism this film professes at a time when so many are discouraged. For all those people out there looking for a new job, a new opportunity, or something to change in your life, this film shows you how some people are cutting a new path in their careers and not waiting for the next job to fall in their lap.

Here is a quote I jotted down when first viewing it that I just love:

Don’t be a person out there looking for a job. Be a person who is out there doing something interesting. Put your energy into things you love. Put all the energy you can into those things and see what happens with them.

You can purchase the DVD of the film on the “Lemonade” website (http://www.lemonademovie.com/ ) and even watch other videos submitted to the site from those inspired by the film about their own lay off and redemption story. The film is also occasionally featured on The Documentary Channel (check their website for show times) which is where I first saw it. This film is a ray of sunshine in a world full of discouraging news. I urge you to check it out.

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“Obsession of the Week” (OTW) posts talk about some pop culture reference that has infiltrated my head for the week. I use “obsession” because aren’t we all little obsessive and fanatical about the things we like so much to the point that we saturate ourselves in it and make ourselves sick of it only to move on to something else.


One thought on “Obsession of the Week: “Lemonade: The Movie””

  1. Thanks Brian, I’ll try to find Lemonade, sounds interesting. Aunt Anna

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