Chino Mosque Answers to “Kill the Infidels” in the Quran

My articles about Islam are always a hot topic. I’m generally inundated with hateful comments and e-mails about being a Muslim sympathizer when I write these type of articles. While I do not share their beliefs, I am sympathetic to the way the religion as a whole has been demonized. I feel there is still far too much rhetoric that paints the entire religion in the extremists’ views. I know Christians wouldn’t like it if they were always portrayed as the Branch Dravidians of Waco, Texas. Here is an Imam trying to get his beliefs out there that Islam is a peaceful religion. No matter your views, you owe it to the Imam to hear what he has to say. He’s all over the media – on radio, on TV, on YouTube, in the newspaper. Click here to read the entire article.

Here is a news piece from KABC Eyewitness News of the Imam after the Fort Hood Shooting.


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