Obsession of the Week: Outdoor Christmas Decorations in January

I walk every morning before I start work and this week my walks have been somewhat depressing. Sure the sun is shining and it feels good to be exercising but there’s just something depressing about seeing outdoor Christmas decorations in January.

I know we’re barely through the first week of January and I’m not one of those who has his decorations taken down New Year’s Day (mine came down on Tuesday). It’s just walking by houses with their deflated inflatable snowmen, wire reindeer and weather-beaten strands of lights gets me down.

First of all, it’s sad that the holidays are over. Then it’s even sadder seeing the nighttime glories of each homeowner by day side. It’s like partying all night in glittery Vegas and then walking the strip in the morning and realizing just how dirty the city is. It doesn’t make you feel good.

The weeks before Christmas, our family celebrated “Friday Night Lights” where we loaded the kids (7 and 2) in the car in their pajamas and toured different neighborhoods for Christmas displays. The kids loved and I have to admit I started to look forward to it too.

What were once glorious inventive demonstrations of holiday cheer now feel like discouraging tacky demonstrations of “Sanford & Son”isms. When you see a nativity where the grass and weeds are so high you can’t even see the baby Jesus – it just feels wrong. When you see the “Gingerbread Express” in the yard but half the train cars are knocked over, you want to pick it all up and stack it next to the garage of the homeowner just so you don’t have to look at it every morning.

I’m hopeful by Monday this will no longer be an issue. It’s only the first weekend after New Years so I really shouldn’t be complaining but seeing these demoralizing scenes every morning hasn’t done much to help me start this year off on the right foot.


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