Obsession of the Week: The Jesus Christ Show

The Jesus Christ Show has not just been an obsession for the week but for the last couple of years. The show’s website describes it as “interactive radio theatre.” The premise is that the “Holy Host” of the show is “Jesus Christ” himself where callers can call in and ask him specific topical questions pertaining to theology or life situation issues.

I found the show a couple of years ago and was intrigued by the show’s clever premise where listeners call in and greet the host with “Hello Jesus Christ, thank you for saving me from my sins. I have a question…” I laughed out loud the first time I heard callers but soon found that the host spoke to listeners from a strictly scriptural perspective and was well-versed in what he was talking about.

The executive producer and host, Neil Saavedra, calls himself a “self taught lay apologist” who has studied Catholic apologetics, Protestant apologetics, theology, cults, and the trinity among other specific topics through various schools. What is most admirable is that Saavedra’s religious perspective is non-confrontational, non-denominational and  strictly scripturally based.

I had the privilege to talk to Neil on the phone a year or so ago when I was doing research for a novel. I had e-mailed him my questions and he responded with a number to call him at so we could talk in depth (not on the radio by the way). We talked for about an hour that day and he gave me some great insight about what I was working on.

Since that time, I have used quite a bit of what I have learned from him, and the show, in my articles. I even based two articles about gay marriage on his response to a caller on his show (Link to the article). It was also Neil who first introduced me to the “Unity in Essentials, Liberty in Non-Essentials, Charity in all things” quotation that has become a driving principle in my writing and religious philosophy.

I’d encourage everyone to check the show out. It’s both enlightening and entertaining and not anywhere near as blasphemous as you’d think. Neil equates the show to a history teacher putting on a customer and acting like Ben Franklin to make a point to students about Franklin’s life. The show can be heard on KFI AM 640 here in Southern California from 6 am to 9 am on Sundays or (more conveniently) on the station’s website archives.


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