Obsession of the Week: The Music of Sara Bareilles

Here’s the thing – this week’s selection isn’t necessarily the most “manly” selection I could come up with but the truth is that I can’t seem to get Sara Bareilles’s haunting sound out of my head. The truth is that I’ve been obsessing over her music for the past couple of weeks now so I think it begs acknowledgment.

Sure you may know Sara Bareilles from the peppy and sickening sappy “Love Song” from it’s heyday in the summer of 2008 (I still can’t stand that song) but do you know any of her more acoustic work? I heard her cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” on an itune radio station and immediately had to check her out. When she’s not doing something upbeat and kitschy, her voice is crisp, pure and haunting. It’s the type of music once made popular on the Album Alternative stations (101.9 in LA) that were moderately popular in the 90s and now long gone. I guess I still have a serious thing for the chill’n at the coffee house sound that just doesn’t seem to be popular anymore.

Check out “Gravity,” “Between the Lines,” “In Your Eyes,” and her great jazzy cover of Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” (she has a ton of cover songs on youtube.com that are worth checking out).  These songs best representation her smoldering coffee house sound. As a writer, I think her lyrics are smart and effective because they work on multiple levels. The way she sings both “Gravity” and “In Your Eyes” give the songs a lingering spiritual quality. The lyric “Leave unsaid unspoken” from her song “Between the Lines” sounds like a great title of a literary novel.

I’ve found her music great for writing when I need something melodically simple in my ears asI search for the words to type. I’d encourage you to check her out. Let me know what you think. Again, she’s not the most masculine selection but her music has been addictive and so she is this week’s obsession.

“Obsession of the Week” (OTW) posts talk about some pop culture reference that has infiltrated my head for the week. I use  obsession because aren’t we’re all little obsessive and fanatical about the things we like so much to the point that we saturate ourselves in it so much that we make ourselves sick of it only to move on to something else.


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