Rant of the Week: FDA looks at Cough Medicine Abuse?

Here we go again! In the land of the free, our government is looking at restrictions on more medication because people are using cough medicines for “its euphoric effects.” If the government gets its way, it’s going to insist that certain cough medicines (like NyQuil) change their formula (so it doesn’t work as well) because some people can’t handle their cough medicine.

Is cough medicine abuse really the greatest concern for the FDA? Wasn’t this the same organization that missed the salmonella outbreak in eggs? In a country where we freely consume alcohol and prescription drugs in massive quantities and in a state like CA that will likely legalize recreational marijuana use in November, the FDA is worried because there were nearly 8000 emergency room visits in 2008 due to people who purposely misused cough medicine? 8000 idiots out of a country of 300 million – that’s a staggeringly low occurrence.  And, frankly, I think we can look at those incidents as nature’s thinning of the idiot herd.

The idea that government needs to protect the masses because a few degenerates can’t function properly in society is backwards. A couple of years ago, the FDA insisted that drug stores and providers of cold medicines place certain over-the-counter drugs behind the counter because people were using them in the production of meth. So when I have a cold and need to stop the Niagara Falls effect in my nose, the drug store asks to swipe my driver’s license so the government can track how many times I am sick.

Is this the new strategy for the war on drugs? Ban everyday, working Americans from the freedom of buying medications that aid them in being able to get up the next morning and work when they are sick, so they can get paid and be taxed to pay for the FDA to ban more harmless medications (when used properly)?

How about banning the sell of condoms because some idiots who can’t use them properly and still get pregnant? Or how about banning the sell of chicken on the bone because sometimes people choke on chicken bones. Or how about banning diet coke because some people who drink it are still fat.

In a country where we have a cornucopia of legal vices people seek solely for their euphoric effects, why is it our government insists on banning more and more items that the majority don’t use to abuse? If it is big government’s job to save us from ourselves, who is going to save us from the one thing that is doing us the most harm – big government?

That’s my rant for the week. Thanks for reading. I feel better now. Share your comments below.


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