“No Two the Same”

Originally Posted 8/23/10

I’m working on a short story assignment today. I’ve actually been working on two different stories (down from four – yikes) for this assignment. I don’t think this one will make it to submission so I’m sharing the opening paragraph from “No Two the Same” because really it’s the only thing I’m in love with from it. Let me know what you think.

They say not two fingerprints are the same. Each one is uniquely different. The same could be said for relationships. Each relationship we have with someone else is exclusively between just the two of us involved. Good or bad – it is a connection that one else will ever understand. People can observe a relationship from the outside but they can never understand it completely because they don’t live in it. They can judge but no two people quite understand a person the same way. What I see in you no one else can see. They don’t see with my eyes, my heart or my history. My connection to you is uniquely mine. Our relationship is unmatched, unduplicated and our own.

Post your comments below. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on ““No Two the Same””

  1. I agree with this comment, being married to a twin, people say, They are alike. wrong. They are so different.

  2. Yes, I do agree with you Brian. No one else can see the relationship one person has in another because they see only with their eyes and think only with their brain, otherwise they would be me or you. I can see positive in all people, and they blow it making decisions that are not always the best for them, and they don’t see it for awhile. But then again I have been on earth a little longer than some.

  3. Brian, I do agree with the basic premise. All are unique, live and perceive their world in a way that we cannot begin to precisely know. Yet, there are distinctions in the things that we see in others that they themselves can’t see in their own behavior. There are times, that we as humans instinctively wear masks in order to blend into the culture of any particular environment. I can see the mask a good friend is wearing that he of she cannot see from behind their own veneer. It seems that we are viewing them from a distance and can clue in to some fine or even large exhibitions of behaviors and actions that they can’t see. The premise: We can see things in people that they can’t see for themselves. We become the collective eyes and ears in the relationships of others that add value to the blind spots in their own lives.
    Just ruminating with your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for listening. Rob

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